Maverick Founder & Executive Director

Kelly English, MA ABA


Kelly is a developmental and academic behaviorist dedicated to helping students
reach their full potential. Being Dyslexic herself, she highly values an individualized approach,
leading to the founding of Maverick Academic Prep Education Program. The Central Valley's
only school dedicated to gifted Dyslexic students as well as those with additional learning challenges. Maverick specializes in working with students to recognize and maximize each
student's gifted area(s) and abilities, while focusing on individual academic skills to pave the
path for educational success.

Kelly has specialized training and is certified at the Master's Level in the Barton Reading
and Spelling System, an Orton-Gillingham based instructional approached for individuals
with Dyslexia. She also has experience in behavioral intervention, child development and differentiation in education. In addition to Orton-Gillingham based curriculum training and certification, Kelly has her Master's in Human Behavior and has participated in the LiPS training
through Lindemood-Bell, Handwriting Without Tears training, and Screening for Dyslexia
through Bright Solutions for Dyslexia. One of her greatest advantages is that she knows, understands
and has experienced first hand the struggles and defeat of being Dyslexic in many
different types of academic settings without any accommodations. Her ability to understand
and identify with the students she works with, is an equivocal advantage to the students,

On a daily basis, Kelly instructs and tutors with students who have a variety of academic
challenges that simply "fly under the radar" to be able to qualify for Special Education
services, including Dyslexia, dysgraphia, ASD, auditory-processing disorder, anxiety disorder,
ODD, OCD and ADD/ADHD, including her own daughter. She works diligently with
both parents and students to find the best individualized path for each student's academic

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