Friends of Maverick 2e

Maverick Academic Prep Program provides accommodated and focused educational services to Students with Dyslexia and other academic challenges so they can learn and achieve, in an environment geared toward their strengths. Maverick has been helping Students with Dyslexia as well as other academic challenges, and their families, succeed academically and in life for over 6 years.

Friends of Maverick 2e is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization supporting education efforts for individuals with Dyslexia. The Roundup Gala and MaveriCon are our primary annual fundraisers. The moneys raised assist in the high quality educational services, programs and curriculum, and excellent instruction offered to non-traditional learners.

We are asking for your support through a tax-deductible donation of goods and/or services that would directly enhance our fundraising efforts and aid us in achieving our goal.

We would greatly appreciate any donation that you can offer. If you re interested in supporting our fundraising efforts, please contact us and we will arrange to pick up your item(s) and/or check at your earliest convenience.

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