Maverick Institute of Training (M.I.T.)

Dyslexia Training Course

Join us July 7-11, 2020

9:00AM to 4:30PM Daily

Dyslexia M.I.T

5-Day training on what Dyslexia really is and how to assist individuals at all ages navigate academic and life challenges while focusing on their strengths because of Dyslexia.

What is Dyslexia? The Research and The Logic (Tuesday, July 7)

Attendees will learning the signs, understand how to detect the red flags and discover the symptoms of Dyslexia. How we know what we know about the brain differences and what research is behind the knowledge.  Training Attendees will have the opportunity to participate the daily simulation.

AB 1369, ABC's of Screening & D-3 Kids in Educational Settings (Wednesday, July 8)

What is the legislation....and where is it?  Attendees will learn and observe how to screen an individual for Dyslexia.  Optimal education setting for the D-3 kid will be presented and explored to better engage and reduce anxiety and frustration for Dyslexic Students. Training Attendees will have the opportunity to participate the daily simulation.

EPHAS and Barton Reading & Spelling System Training (Thursday, July 9)

Learn Who and What "OG" really is. The EPHAS (English Phonological Awareness System) and the Barton System will be presented and attendees will receive hands-on training as to why, when and how to use each system.  The logic behind Barton Level One will be discussed and explored.  Training will be presented for additional levels.

Academic & Behavior Challenges (Friday, July 10)

A packed day of learning why and how to work with Dyslexia and co-morbid challenges.  Attendees will participate in a Student-Lead Panel for better insight.

How it all Comes Together (Saturday, July 11)

Presentation and training for many assistive technologies for Dyslexia. Samples and examples will be available and demonstrated.  Attendees will learn and understand how to scaffold for academic outcomes in written expressions, math and reading & spelling.  Attendees will participate in a Parent Panel.

Location:  3920 N. First Street, Fresno, CA 93726

Registration Information

  • Course Cost: $695.00
  • "Busy Squirrel" (Early Bird) Registration: $495.00 (until 5/5/2020)
  • Materials, Breaks & Lunch Included
  • Continuing Professional Credits Available
  • Select Day Registration Available (Limited)