Humanities & Art

Language Arts (Literature, Reading, Spelling, Grammar, Composition & Writing), History, Social Studies, Philosophy, Public Speaking, Handwriting & Penmanship, Cursive, American Sign Language, Home Economics (cooking, sewing, life-skills), Adobe Creative Cloud, Visual Arts (Cartooning, Water-colors, Ceramics, Photography, etc.)  


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

 Math: Alpha/Beta/Delta/Epsilon/ Algebra I, Geometry, Consumer Math, Forensic Biology, Forensic Anatomy, Chemistry, Google Applications and Computers, Behavioral Psychology, MineCraft, ST Math, CAD, Keyboarding, Robotics


Subscriptions & Memberships for Courses

 Our Mavericks are assigned a Google Account for use in many classes as part of his/her platform for mastery. Keyboarding Without Tears and   Minecraft accounts are assigned for use as both a learning/mastery platform as well as for gaming. These are all included as part of the our tuition.